In the Pipeline


While working on honing my public-private real estate development toolkit, my interests have allowed me to take a deeper look at the connections between city planning, real estate development, and public health; more specifically looking at how city planning efforts can help lessen the disparities of infant and maternal mortality in Philadelphia. An op-ed will be published on this topic in mid-2018. 


Published Work 

High and Low: Realigning Housing Incentives to Promote Equitable Development


Dealing with Gentrification: A Toolkit for Equitable Development

Comparative Gentrification Policy: Displacement, Housing Instability, & Homelessness

This report is critical analysis of Philadelphia's ten-year tax abatement for the purpose of providing a foundation for new policy initiatives that will stimulate addition investment and development in Philadelphia's downtown and neighborhoods while stabilizing and expanding the cities affordable housing base. 


This semester long-studio focused on the relationship between gentrification and homelessness in five US cities - Denver, Las Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle.  Our final products were a website aimed at community groups and neighborhood activists ( and a working paper aimed at policy makers.

This paper proposes two policy responses that appeal to both lay advocates and policymakers: a programmatic toolkit that municipalities may employ in order to harness neighborhood change to create sustainably mixed-income neighborhoods, and an overhaul of federal policy that transforms the nation’s conception of fair housing and equitable development.


Camden: An Equity Agenda

Memories of the Future

Penn Abroad



Camden: An Equity Agenda is an equity plan for Camden, NJ and served as the final product of a city planning studio at the University of Pennsylvania in Spring 2017.

Memories of the Future is a mobile cinema project that functions as a location based portrait of the Hunts Point section of the South Bronx.

This publication served as the annual report for the 2016-2017 academic calendar for the Penn Abroad office at the University of Pennsylvania.